Sri Lanka Card Project

January 26th, 2012 Art and Play

Heres a little selection of the art projects we have done

Mural Painting

Under the Sea- Before and After

AnP_1 AnP_2

AnP_3 AnP_4

AnP_5 AnP_6



The process

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0D7A1501 0D7A1664



Jungle Playground

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lion 1930166_19234430980_2955_nv




The mosaic project is a creative recyling project we are working on to recycle waste materilas such as -tiles, mirror, glass, bottle tops, badges , anything we can, to create beautiful things.

If you feel you can contribute in any way , with materials, old furniture, or you want to come and join in please let us know.

P1030021 P1030040

P1030038 P1020925

P1020931-1024x768 P1030005

P10209031 P1030048



Greeting cards design

Here you can have a peek at the fun we had and the massive mess we

made designing the Small Steps cards …

1184804_10152228676809772_793367855_n 2

3 4

5 6

Previous Christmas cards… These..

1929330_7688025980_8605_n 1924216_40725445980_2663_n-2

Turned into these…




Art Sessions

6-2 6-1

6-3 DSC01016

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