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About the Project

We’ve been running art workshops with disadvantaged children across Sri Lanka for 9 years.

The aim is to give the children more playtime and to raise funds to support them through fun and creativity.

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> Sessions can involve printing, mosaic making, mural painting, collage.. all sorts. After some of the creative sessions we make greeting cards with the art of the children . Some hand-made, some printed designs .

> We sell these cards online and in stores to raise funds to sustain the project to provide for more play and art and also support the kids in the homes with clothes, food, etc..

> The project is entirely run by volunteers donating their time, skills and creativity.

> Every single pound, dollar or rupee raised goes back into the children’s homes. With funds raised we’ve provided all sorts from electricity and water, clothes and school supplies, to fun days out, a brand new playground and hundreds of meals. And, as you’ll see from the pictures, a whole lot of colour.

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How It All Started

After the 2004 tsunami many refugee camps and homes were set up to take in displaced children and their families. A group of volunteers started visiting the camps and entertaining the children. They juggled, did art classes, sang, played football and painted faces, whatever they could

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Before they knew it they were running fun workshops for children in many camps and other community centres.

One of the activities was colouring and they soon realised the pictures would make nice Christmas cards. Made them into cards, sold them and spent the money on the centers and more play .

For the cards below, the children colour Christmas themed images which we then used to make Christmas cards – hence the name of the project.

The cards are designed and put together by local volunteers and then sold across the world.

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Over the last nine years, the project has entertained hundreds of children, raised thousands of pounds to support them and sent greeting cards all over the world

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