Sri Lanka Card Project

November 8th, 2009 Money raised

All profits from the sale of the cards go to the children at the homes

The funds raised are split 50/50

Half on fun activities- Outings to the team park , cinema , zoo, games,  lots creative art workshops, monthly  birthday parties for the children and built a playground

Half on the running costs of the home and  schooling-  including clothes, shoes , beds, school supplies and sports equipment. We’ve provided electricity, clean water, created a dry food supply fund , and provided hundreds of meals


Before and after a new bedroom


The children get involved with painting the new playground and mural

4093563488_9a52fcf01f_b   P1020976   10400686_26032085980_9120_n-2  card proj swing

Art Sessions                                                                  Mosaic making 

4093534374_0d30daca08_o P1020972

Getting ready to make cupcakes           Trip to the fun fair

4092632931_32d2d6f732_b  MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA


The following Children’s homes are involved in the project.

The Sri Jinananda Childrens Home, Wellawatta

The Rev Urumutte Sugathananda Thero started his activities for war orphans in 1972

He started the children’s home in Colombo with seven boys aiming to provide shelter education and future employment.

Over the years the Home has grown and at present houses 74 boys, aged 4 and upwards.

Although the home was initially started for the war orphans it is now also home to

• Abandoned children

• Children whose parents are in prison

• Affected by 2004 tsunami

• Street children

• Children placed by authorities

The home receives no governmental funding and is solely reliant upon donations and contributions from private individuals and local business organizations.

Tea Leaf Trust

The Tea Leaf Trust works to improve the quality of life  and reducing poverty in the tea growing regions of Sri Lanka through educational iniatives.

Having just opended Amabagamuwa Community College in the hill country ,they will run the card project as part of english classes on their outreach programe.We are over the moon to have them on the project :)
Shilpa Children’s home, Colombo 5


Workshop at Shilpa Children's Home


Founded in 1987 to provide shelter and education for children left destitute by the war and terrorism.

Now it Homes about 50 girls aged between 6-18 provides shelter, security, care and education to children in need especially those affected by the ethnic conflict and the more recent tsunami.

Shilpa also provides training to low income women in the locality by helping to raise quality of life for them and their families.

Manacare Foundation Hopes and Dreams centre , Telwatta

A rehabilitation centre for disadvantaged peoples in south west Sri Lanka ,their aim is to provide the people of the community with vocational training , a sustainable income and the development of health care and education services.

They have a Montessori school , and offer extra curricular classes for the older children in the area, computer, art, drama and sports.