Sri Lanka Card Project

January 27th, 2012 First day of mosaic project

Yesterday we started the mosaic project , arriving at our designated work space which smelt suspiciously of cow pat!

.. but in no time at all an enthusiastic bunch of helpers came to help clean up

Then the boys got on designing their mosaics in our lovely clean open air studio

…they put Mihiri straight to work cutting tiles to size and colour specifications, at this rate she will have one giant arm by next week

They got the hang of it quickly coming up with beautiful designs and started to gather a crowd…

… the older boys who had
originally been reluctant started to get involved too

Even the offending cow popped by to undo our good work from earlier …NOOOooo!

After a fantastic and messy first session there was lots to show for it … lets just see if still there in one piece today..


I want to give a MASSIVE thanks to Leslie and Suzy and Lara for thier help and lending us the stuff to get the project started.
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